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We employ apprentices across all sectors and source Norfolk-based Host Companies for them to provide 6-month minimum placements, whilst providing wrap-around pastoral support for both the apprentice and the company.

TrAC Apprenticeships Norfolk apprentices are fully supported by a dedicated Apprentice Development Manager who is on hand to help every step of the way and our state of the art apprentice management software and smartphone apps ensure apprentices can get the help when and where it’s needed.

We have secured onward employment for 100% of the apprentices who have completed their apprenticeship with us

Are you a business looking to take on an apprentice?

We provide companies with an affordable way to sustainably deliver apprenticeships.

It can be difficult for small companies to commit to the full duration of an apprenticeship for a vulnerable young person.

The TrAC Apprenticeships Norfolk shared apprentice solution provides local apprentices with an opportunity to work in local companies with the benefit of extra pastoral support to help them achieve their apprenticeship.

TrAC Apprenticeships Norfolk receives referrals for young people, manages and supports apprentices, negotiates the cost of and organises all training and end point assessment.TrAC Apprenticeships Norfolk apprentices are fully supported and managed by experienced Apprentice Development Managers, which in turn delivers improved apprentice motivation, retention, completion and into employment outcomes.

Let TrAC Apprenticeships Norfolk provide and support apprentices for your company, allowing you to get on with what you do best.

TrAC Apprenticeships Norfolk works closely with a wide range of organisations including; businesses, support organisations, schools, colleges, training providers, Housing Associations, Norfolk County Council and local district councils, to name a few..

Working with TrAC Apprenticeships Norfolk, companies can consider and encourage or even mandate the delivery of apprenticeships through procurement of products and service , safe in the knowledge  that such shared apprenticeships will be sustainable and support the local economy.

TrAC apprentices generally live locally to the businesses they work in, which in turn helps to ensure local people and local businesses benefit from this project. By using the TrAC Apprenticeships Norfolk shared apprentice solution, businesses no longer need to be able to commit to the full 1, 2 or 3-year duration typically required to complete an apprenticeship.



To see Companies participating in the TrAC AN programme click here

TrAC’s apprentices that have completed have gained 100% into employment. That’s clearly good news for the host companies, the apprentices and Training providers

TrAC provides bespoke support to every apprentice and focuses heavily on college and attendance at work, something which we know can be an issue.  Our GPS technology records student location supporting timesheet and attendance records and enables us to proactively manage attendance issues in real time.  Our apprentice management team works closely with training providers and contractors to ensure the apprentice is given the right experience at work and at college, and every opportunity to complete their apprenticeship to the highest standard.  Training providers will have access to our state of the art apprentice management system providing real time information and ensuring effective communication at all stages of the apprentice journey.

We often attend events to promote the exciting opportunities we have coming up. 

If you have an event coming up that you feel would be suitable for TrAC Apprenticeships Norfolk to attend, please get in contact with us. Our Apprentice Development Managers are available to attend or to speak to prospective candidates and companies alike.

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